Urea Formaldehyde Resin Reactor

urea formal dehyde resin plant, glue plant


The equipment is composed of five parts: Vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, reaction vessel, Oil-water separator, and fractionating column. It is the professional equipment that specilized in producing various of unsaturated polyester resin with high technology and reasonable structure.

It's professional equipment that produce various unsaturated polyester resin and polyurethane resin, phenolic resin, alkyd, acrylic resin ect with high technology and reasonable structure. It is composed of five parts: Vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, reaction vessel, water receiver, and fractionating column.

It has several different heating ways, coal, natural gas, diesel oil or electric. We've made many successful projects for customers home and abroad. We can help customer to found plant from plant design to installation.

Below is the process of producing unsaturated polyester resin:

1. Put raw material to reactor kettle, start heating, when the temperature reach about 100 degrees, it will produce gas, and the gas will into the separation column.

2. After part be cooling by the separation column, the rest gas into horizontal condenser, then condenser will cooling the gas, after cooling into the catchment device.

3. Part of material and water in the catchment device, separate material to reactor kettle, and exclude the water. (the process may be last about fifteen to twenty hours)

4. During the reaction process, in order to speed up, can extracting vacuum, when reach the time sampling, assay viscosity, if meet requirement then cooling.

5. When the temperature reach 130 degrees, pump the raw materials to dilute kettle, and put styrene to dilute kettle, diluting, cooling, then finished products.



Urea Formaldehyde Resin(glue) Plant

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