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Limpet Coil Vessel Specification

Limpet Coil Reaction Vessels: Reaction Vessel is one of the most important equipment of any chemical, food, drugs, dyes and allied industries. There are various types of reaction vessel viz jacketed, Limpet coil in Body flange or Welded Types, Top open type, Top dish type etc.

The construction of Limpet Coil Reactor is same as that of Jacketed Reactor except instead of Jacket on the Shell of Reactor Limpet Coil is welded on it. LimpetCoil Reaction Vessel consist of a Cylindrical vertical shell with standard torospherical dish on both ends. Limpet Coil is Half round Pipes welded on the outer surface of the shell and also on the bottom dish of the Reactor. Limpet coil is made of either Mild Steel Or Stainless Steel. It is either Double end double start for both heating and cooling through limpet coil or Normal Single coil for either heating or cooling. Limpet Coil Welding is performed by using high grade filler rods depending on MOC of the Limpet Coil to withstand design pressure.

Limpet Coiled Vessel with Closed Rigid Container is made using graded carbon steel and stainless steel alloy to ensure fine finish and long lasting usage. The Limpet Vessel is equipped with closed rigid container for effectively holding gases and liquids at different pressure. The Limpeted Vessel is available in a sturdy construction that is easy to operate. Limpeted Vessel with Closed Rigid Container comes in varied shapes and sizes to cater to industrial requirement.

Our Multipurpose process reaction vessel, industrial reaction vessel and plants for manufacture of Bulk Drugs and APIs are designed keeping into consideration the various Process Parameters, also including clean-ability & product impurity profile.

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Type Of Blades can be used in the Vessel

  • Anchor Type Stirrer
  • Propillker type Stirrer.
  • Pitched Blade Stirrer.
  • Ribbon Type Stirrer fro Reaction Vessel.