Bead Mill

Bead Mill is batch process equipment designed for optimum efficiency with very low energy requirement. Horizontal bead mills is used for coating, paint, printing, dye & pesticide manufacture. It is suitable for grinding and dispersion of medium viscosity products.

Bed mill, Industrial Bead mill



The dispersion time heavily depends upon formulation and other operating parameters

This Bead Mill Machine Is Suitable For Wet Grinding With Three Related Operations Of Premixing. Grinding And Dispersing Can Be Make On This Machine Germrely Used Glass Beads For Grinding Purpose So You Can Found Good Brightness Of Pigments After Grinding The Pigment This Machine Has Instant Grinding In Batch's.


ABF BM 50 50 LTR 3 HP
ABF BM 100 100 LTR 5 HP
ABF BM 150 150 LTR 7.5 HP
ABF BM200 200 LTR 10 HP
ABF BM 250 250 LTR 15 HP
ABF BM 500 500 LTR 30 HP
ABF BM 1000 1000 LTR 50 HP