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Sigma Mixer
  • Category :Mixing and Kneading
  • Manufacturer :Abster Equipment
  • Date :15th Aug, 2019
  • Link :www.resinplants.net
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Sigma Mixer

For Optimum Solutation of : Kneading, Dispersing & Mixing for High Viscous material

The Sigma Mixer / Sigma Kneader is a horizontal mixing machine with two Sigma, or Z-type blades. Two different gears drive the two blades, and one shaft is 1.5 times the speed of the other blade. It has one powerful motor and a speed reducer to drive the 2 blades. The Kneader reactor usually has a W-type barrel with a hydraulic tilt that turns it and a heating jacket outside.


Suitable for Kneading, Mixing & Dispersing and of viscous material having dough like consistency used in the Paint, Pigment, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Adhesives, Dyestuff, Paint, Refractory, Rubber, Plastic and related industries.

Tilting option:

Hydraulic tilting system is provided with complete power pack, electric motor, pressure valves, pipes, fittings, cylinders and hoses which makes the tilting mechanism quick, easy and simple to operate.

The Kneader Extruder combines the efficiency of a double arm - sigma blade mixer with the convenience of an extrusion screw for the mixing and discharging of heavy viscous materials. Such as Adhesives, Explosives, Mastics, Sealing compounds, Biscuit dough’s, Fiberglass resin dough’s, Metal powders, Silicone rubber, Butyl rubber, Food and confectionery products, Moulding preparations, Soaps and detergents, Carbon pastes, Gaskets and Gland Packing’s, Pencil erasers, Solid propellants, Ceramics Grinding wheel preparations, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar pastes, Chemicals, Hot-Melts, Plastics, Viscous rubber solutions, Chewing gum, Inks and pigment products, Putties, Crayon and pencil lead, Marzipan, Refractories.

The Kneader Extruder includes a set of counter-rotating kneading blades and a discharge screw. The blades are mounted on a horizontal axis in a u-shaped trough. Below the blades in a separate cavity is the discharge screw. During the mixing cycle the blades rotate toward each other while the mixing screw rotates in a reverse direction, constantly feeding new materials into the mixing blades. After the mixing/kneading cycle is complete, the screw is reversed and it transports the mixed materials from the mix zone out through a discharge die and on to further processing or packaging.

The Kneader Extruder has several advantages over conventional non-screw discharge kneaders:

  • Low mixing time approx. 15% less time.
  • Eliminates the manual task of scraping out sticky/tacky materials.
  • Eliminates operator exposure to materials of elevated temperatures or of a toxic nature, thereby improving plant safety.

Many Different sizes and designs are available to meet the most stringent process needs. Kneader Extruders are manufactured in many sizes from 5 through 2500 Liters capacity. Other sizes manufactured on request.

Standard Features

  • Available in all grades of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Available with single and twin screw designs.
  • Optional wear resistant liner plates provided for abrasive products.
  • Optional wear resistant liner plates provided for abrasive products.
  • Jacketed construction available for heating and cooling applications.
  • Can be offered for vacuum application.
  • Available in working capacities of 5 Liters to 2500 Liters. Other sizes manufactured on request.

Advantages over conventional tilting bottom discharge kneaders:

  • Low mixing time.
  • Continuous operation possible because of extrusion screw.
  • Elimination of the manual scraping of sticky/tacky materials.
  • Eliminates operator exposure to materials at elevated temperatures or those of a toxic nature, thereby improving plant safety.

Advantages of Sigma Mixer

The relatively new Kneader Reactor Technology was introduced with the following competitive technological characteristics:
  • In Sigma Mixer, Excellent mixing and kneading performance during wet, pasty and viscous phases
  • Large working volume reactors efficiently handling large product volumes
  • Large heat-exchange surface areas yielding highest possible surface-to-volume ratio
  • Double limpet coil vessel.


We also make a wide range of mixers suitable for your products. * Sigma Kneaders * Ribbon Blenders * Attritors * Pug Mixers * Hydraulic Dissolver * Planetary Mixers * Batch type Sand Mills * Conical Blenders * Continuous type Sand Mills * Resin Plants * Bead Mills * Turnkey Projects

  • Varnishes & Paints
  • Polyurethanes
  • Colourants
  • Printing Inks
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Resins, Glues, Adhesives
  • Chemicals, Lacquers, Cosmetics
SK 6 6 1.5 N.A
SK 25 25 3 N.A
SK 50 60 5 N.A
SK 125 125 10 N.A
SK 225 225 20 1.5
SK 500 500 30 2
SK 1000 1000 60 3
SK 1500 1500 75 3
SK 3000 3000 300 7.5

Note : Working capacity to be calculated @ 60% of Total Capacity.

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